About Us

ReTale is a monthly newsletter/magazine designed, edited, and published by inhouse team of ReTale. ReTale are spearheaded by creative people specialized press and media agencies and they focus on capturing retail initiatives, events, trending news and development programs into retail and bring their members aware about the same through its monthly newsletter “ReTale”- Inside Retail – a monthly magazine focuses on current trends of retail development, new store openings, new project launch, new market in discussion, job change at senior level, branding and drives the agenda and structure for the retailers and developers. It focuses on current trends, news tracks and live new updates on retail from across India. The committee members are also actively involved with shaping the agenda and format for our networking meets and conferences, to ensure maximum relevance to Retail.

An Industry Expert group increasing its range all over and bringing a tremendous & meticulous  knowledge & experience along with a range of retail market. After experiencing, in the field of real estate consultancy and various other verticals, we have now expanded our wings in the world of Print Media as “RETALE”. We are now coming up with our 1st print edition based on Real Estate’s Commercial & Retail segment in October 2022 named as “RETALE”, an exclusive encyclopaedia of Retail Market with B2B, B2C portals will be launched soon. Coverage details will be focused PAN India level on the latest Commercial RE domain, Retail & Office market, Corporate & city news, views and industry’s histories, business to business real estate information, technology updates, career making, investment, leasing solutions, project guide, Financing in real estate industry, Policy information, Legal expertise column, learning, trends, reforms, expert talks, job opportunities, with premium pages on luxury, designs, Vaastu forecast & many more. Our Edition will be a specialty publication that focuses on real estate industry offering the latest commercial RETALE domain , corporate & City news Pan India, views and industry’s histories, business to business real estate information & many more Interactive Coverage to all our readers, clients and business associates with efficient yet very effective services ensuring that our business strategies offer maximum returns to you and allowing us to give our patrons the best service possible through our experience & expertise to make you feel completed apprised on India RETALE.

A complete package and encyclopaedia of knowledge with PAN India talented pool on the table initiating towards the RETALE industry to be studied with non-microscopic abilities and will allow readers, enthusiasts & followers to understand the retail world from a broader perspective.

Our goal is to build a reputation as a publication in print media and we believe that we will get there on the strength of our innovative approach, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service. The company will be customer satisfaction focused and driven committed to offer every client the personalized service they deserve in order to form life-long relationships

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