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What new age parents are looking for or expecting from baby care brands

As millennial parents we are the sandwich generation between the internet way of parenting and our parents’ and grandparents’ way of old-school parenting.

We are, today, a generation of “woke parents” who are aware of what they buy and why they need it, and won’t settle for anything less.

The baby care market in India, which is progressing at a CAGR of 11%, is all set to grow by $26.35 billion between 2021 to 2025. And one of the biggest contributors to this meteoric rise is the Internet penetration and the surge in online shopping especially during the Covid-era. With a world of products at your fingertips, or should we say at the touch of your finger or a voice away from you, there is so much information that surrounds today’s parents that often leaves them more confused than satisfied.

According to the Digital Survey of Indian Moms 2021 report, moms today find out about new products primarily from Instagram, followed by Whatsapp, followed by Google search results and websites. And that throws the light on the role of Influencers in today’s marketing scenario. (P.S The Indian influencer marketing industry that grows at a whopping CAGR of 25%!) So when brands and influencers both compete to put out content, how is the Indian parent making their choice? Reels and other trends aside, it is good to note that the Indian parent relies on the brand making an emotional connection with them, to zero in on it, especially for their babies. Amidst all the bells and whistles, today’s informed parent is able to see and recognise the simplicity and honesty in a brand’s storytelling about their products. And parent prefer brand that “speak” to them.

In the last 5 years the emergence of strong D2C brands have all stemmed from mothers who couldn’t find what they were looking for from legacy brands who missed business with a promise. A promise to be safe,and built with an emotional cord- which is the need of the hour.

The factors that really drive parents today who are dealing with the paradox of choice :

  1. Higher Quality: This perception comes from brand heritage, past experience or just plain good marketing. If you give them a promise you must fulfill it. A close second was “highest safety rating,” and rounding off third was the healthiest option.
  2. Emotional Connection Is Key to winning with  moms. Brands that tug on the mom’s heartstrings with their advertising will win. Moms were drawn to ads that showed love, honesty and humor. Moms want someone to care for the baby just the way they do. This has stemmed from the fact that a mom finds it very hard to outsource, leading to a struggle and a guilt ride. That triggers the guilt hormone which makes her react impulsively.
  3. Safety: Be it food, toys or baby gear, safety beats all parameters. A parent trusts no one else but another parent and their experience. You break their trust once you will never have them back again.
  4. Use-case Scenarios: Parents prefer brands that are easy to use and minimise their problems. If there is a baby monitor – show me how it can keep my baby safe and me informed. Show me how to use it, install it and make it easy to use.
  5. Intuition:  First time parents do not know what they need next. It is imperative for brands to be intuitive and futuristic and delight their users by anticipating their next need.
  6. Empathy: They want brands to be empathetic and share with them how this could be resolved.
  7. Shopping habits: Today’s parent discovers through social media and shops online. Necessities- they shop online, and new items they shop in-store.
  8. Simplifying Parenting: Today’s parents want it simple. With nuclear families, working mothers, lack of external support due to pandemic; parents are pressed for support systems and they do see a fatigue or overwhelm set in. They need more tools and enablers in terms of baby products that can help them in taking care of their babies with lesser effort and lesser time consumption
  9. Virtual Socializing: Everything that we gift, buy, share needs its space on the Gram. The hearts and likes matter! This gives way for brands to make it more visually appealing and a gift that adds in a fair share of desirability in their products.
  10. Building Global Brands Out Of India: Indian brands must realize that the audience today is well exposed and they have the world at their fingertips with one touch.
  11. Great Time To Be A Specialist: Parents today are not filling their carts all at one store and they rather have the best from each brand versus an assortment that is predetermined. They are not sticking to range selection but best product efficacy selection. E.g. You may have a great diaper cream so it’s not essential for them to buy the moisturizer and wipes from you as well.
  12. Out Of Sight Is Out Of Mind: Whether you are a legacy brand or a new brand, you need to show up everyday and not when you have new news. You need to show your customers who are going through a huge volume of product information every single day. Are people talking about you? Are the people your customers are following talking about you?

To summarise, the news is clear to marketers, especially in the parenting and baby care industry. The product must be easily available, of a superior quality, should cater to both mom and dads (unlike a few decades ago where moms remained the sole decision maker for baby products) and word-of-mouth publicity and recommendation by fellow parents would continue to be a huge draw for new customers. The key, as I mentioned earlier, is for brands to start creating a community and not just convert a customer.



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