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7Heven Retail checks two fruitful years with 75 establishments across India, eyes further development

New Delhi [India], November 14 (ANI/SRV): 7Heven Retail, a pioneer in the industry, is celebrating facilitating the opening of 75 franchises and eyes further expansion to more geographies in the coming year. The market leader also has an additional 25 franchises under construction set to be completed in the coming months. Co-Founded by Santosh Sharma in 2021, the leading groceries brand to set to revolutionise the sector with its industry-leading services and models on offer.

Santosh Sharma, Co-Founder of 7Heven Retail, said, “I dream of a modern India where youngsters are not dependent on jobs and have become ‘Atmanirbhar’ with their own businesses. Further, I aim to transform the shopping experience of Indians by providing them with a wide range of high-quality products under one roof at discounted prices. And I don’t want the old, retired elders to depend on their kids completely. I want them to live a comfortable retirement fulfilling their long-forgotten wishes. They can do this by taking our franchise and automating the management. I also want to empower women by giving them an opportunity to start their own businesses, stand equal to men, and lead India toward becoming a financially stable and powerful country.”

Through its lucrative franchise model, 7Heven Retail promises quick breakeven, 20 per cent return on investment and complimentary services pertaining to the brand. Those interested can choose from varying franchise sizes – 300 sqft to 10000 sqft – with a fee of Rs. 2,10,000. Further, with a seamless model in place, franchise owners can earn their investments back in a span of 6-7 months. In addition to the on-ground support, 7Heven also extends its assistance through marketing, backend and hiring support to ensure a smooth experience for franchise owners. The owners are further assisted with managing inventory on the basis of the consumption patterns of their customers along with regular offers and discounts to maintain and increase their sales.

Under the 7Heven business model, franchise owners can sell many products including Groceries, Bakery, Stationery, Toys, Books and Magazine, Personal Care, Beverages, Fruit and Vegetables, Frozen Food and Ice Cream, Travel Solutions and more. Additionally, the firm also offers Accounting, Purchasing, and Operations support services; along further aid in TV and Newspaper Advertisements, Radio, Pamphlets, Hoardings, Social Media, Staff Training and other areas.

Owing to the largest network of stores across India combined with the lowest prices and attractive discounts, 7Heven Retail has become the preferred choice for current and prospective franchise owners. Those interested can apply for 7Heven Retail’s franchise model by going through simple processes such as a site survey, appointment franchise verification, handing over the welcome kit; followed by opening of the franchise.



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